Berry is rare in winter

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Spring summer autumn harvest winterizing long is the law of nature, the fashion industry's quarterly coloring trend with the seasons change and change, also berries is taken from the colour of autumn and winter beauty of color, after time precipitation to full texture, with a unique emotional temperature and color to express in the cool wind of toughness and pride.

Turmeric + blue + gray, the color of camel's hair Pernille Teisbaek from coat to fleece with today's hottest sheet is tasted, oversized wind small also wear a good proportion, color is mainly the earth color gradient and collisions with blue gray, the color distribution point of view, the color is given priority to blue grey as auxiliary, primary and secondary distinct highlight.

Bark powder. Low-key texture skin pink has always been no shortage of temperament, in the autumn a long show height legs, it is necessary to considerate warm jacket, a blend of elements of the military uniform element and soft of balance, clearly is handsome version was kitten pocket took a lot of attention, corduroy both retro charm and warm experience, plush lapels and then upgrade modelling, the rustling autumn wind aren't afraid.