A skirt paired with a sweater can also be a stylish demonstration

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I believe you should all know that fairy is like to wear dresses, so even winter temperatures so we still have a lot of ways to extend this dress its timeliness, so here we chose a few fashion classic design is to let people consult together, what is worthy of our learning place.

Although sweater match skirts have long have this kind of collocation, so little fairies to wear out their own characteristics, such ability can be in the midst of all similar in stand out, first on colour is a very important thing.

First this one is on the colour collocation of open outfit, although it choose color very much, but the feeling of this a few kinds of color without any abrupt, sweater is a gray turtleneck model selection, a deep cream-colored skirts on collocation, plus a girl with pink coat, plus is four color shoes, but there was no messy feeling, only small and pure and fresh feeling.

The next thing is that we often see a black sweater styles worn by the upper part of the skirt, although it is often seen, but it rarely wear good-looking, like here we chose a very simple black turtleneck sweater style, on the skirts is a colour collocation is beautiful style, so between the two can mutual confluence, against each other.