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Romantic life, poetic atmosphere, the brand aims to create a romantic and cozy lifestyle with flower culture. Creative ways to integrate vintage style with clothing, flowers and floral culture to promote the "garden consumption" of fashion and environmental protection.
  • brand mind

    romantic Literature and art beauty comfortable Love life
    As a brand advocate natural, we selected item of numerous have design feeling, to collision with display collocation.


    • ISLAND SPACE Flower art
      Coming from a distance, floral jungle full of visual impact, display restoring ancient ways, melodious music, ancient antique objects, fragrance charming breath, met with the customer one by one corner waiting on ISLAND SPACE of the story
    • ISLAND SPACE | I Have A Dream(Life hall image)
      Because of other people's evaluation, we wear off how many corners, how many unique personalities have been lost; The longer we care, the more we'll be able to tell whether we're alive or alive.
    • ISLAND SPACE | French floral salon
      ISLAND SPACE The concept originated in Paris, France. With French romantic life, poetic atmosphere, pleasant slow life, flowers and greenery, let you have a close contact with nature.